Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere

MTV had agreed to have a Hanson weekend on MTV if more then 1000  people sign this. This Hanson weekend will be exactly like the Spice  Girls, All-American, Top 100 weekend, etc.. which will feature  Hanson interviews, Hanson music videos, Hanson presenting their best  videos of all time and lots more. To top it all off, 1 lucky fan who  signs the petition will win an awesome prize from MTV, which will  include Autographed copies of "Road To Albertane" and "Live From  Albertane", 1 of Hanson's official T-shirts autographed, an MTV  Backpack and watch and a phone call from Hanson themselves.  So, please get everyone to sign this ASAP.

  Please send this to Amie Lynne at or the webmaster

- Couldn't this be Ike?

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"I feel queasy" - Isaac Hanson  'Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere'


All dates are subject to change and everything is EST

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  "Harvey, the world's largest rodent!"Taylor Hanson (Weird Al Show)

 My First Hanson concert pics

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"Peace, Love and Bulletproof Marshmellows"Zac Hanson (MTV Live)

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